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    Samurai Power Steering Conversion

    Samurai Power Steering Conversion

    You can thank Mike, Muskyslayr for this one, Ive seen it in action with lockers in rear and front, works really well. anyway here it is...

    Okay guys...I figured I'd do a writeup for this conversion since I didn't want to spend the money for a kit... Bear with the pictures, I took 'em on my phone, not the best quality.

    I started off by robbing all the power steering components off a 93 Tracker. Everything, including pulleys, belts, brackets...everything. The nice side effect to this method is you end up with a little stronger alternator and you get rid of that wimpy rubberband looking fan belt.

    I started off with the pulley conversion a couple weeks ago. I pulled everything off the front of the motor including the radiator to get it out of the way. The Tracker alternator mounts right up to the stocker sammy brackets. The fan pulley too mounts right up. The crank pulley on the other hand didn't. It has 5 bolt holes while the stocker only had 4... So I used the stock pulley as a template and drilled more holes in the new pulley to make it fit. The alternator and fan pulley is just a smidge off, not enough to cause a major problem but it may lead to premature belt wear... But the new alty is great...lots more power than the stocker! Very Happy

    I got a wild hair this morning and decided to start the power steering job. What a dope, did anybody happen to see the thermometer today??? 102 was the highest I heard on the radio...

    Anyway, again, I pulled the radiator and grill out of the way and got to work. Here's a picture of the stock steering box...

    Note the steering column is pretty much in line...it's not with the Tracker box...

    I removed the steering box and held the new one in place to get an idea where it's going to go. Unfortunately Suzuki felt it necessary to make the mounting holes opposite of each other.

    I made a template out of cardboard to mark the hole locations.

    I marked the holes and drilled them out. The holes on the inside of the frame are just big enough for the bolts, the outside holes fit a piece of 3/8 black iron pipe. They are welded to the outside of the frame.

    Notice the angle of the steering column. What you see here is a complete additional stock steering column cut to length and an additional U-joint put in place of the old rag joint. I took a stock driveshaft, cut the splined end off and the flanged end off, inserted one inside the other, drilled a couple holed for plug welds and welded it up. Well, that presented another problem... The stock steering column was too long. I noticed there were a couple plastic fuses, for lack of a better term, that would allow the shaft to compress in the event of a crash. So I drilled them out...

    I was then able to shorten the sterring column without loosing any of it's original strength by simply driving it together... it was rusty and pretty well stuck but with a little wire brushing and some liquid wrench it broke free. Just make sure you don't pound on the splined end...

    I got the pump and reservoir mounted and was able to fenangle the Tracker hoses to make 'em work so I didn't even have to buy hoses... But, I realize now that I must have been on a roll cause I didn't take any pictures of all that stuff. I've still got to come up with a belt that will fit, fill it with fluid and bleed the air, so I'll get some pics of that stuff tomorrow. I'm so psyched...I'm gonna be able to drive with a finger!! Very Happy

    Updated 07-16

    Well I got the power steering all finished up and man does it drive like a dream... I even locked in the hubs and drove around the driveway, something I couldn't do after puting the locker in the front end.. Very Happy

    So here are a few pics of the pump mount and reservoir... nothing fancy but it'll get the job done.

    I used parts of the stock Kicker pump bracket. Two out of the three holes lined up so I drilled an additional hole. Unfortunately our radiator support is in the way of mounting it in the same locale as the Tracker so I had to elevate it. To do this I cut the Tracker mount apart leaving just a plate to mount to the engine. I added another piece of 1/4" to it and utilized the two holes that are higher and farther back on the block. Then I welded the parts that I cut off the original bracket to the 1/4... So all told there are 5 bolts holding everything on, 4 on the sides and one on the front of the engine block.

    The reservoir I just hose clamped to the jack mount since I don't carry a stock jack anymore...again, nothing fancy. Wink

    Once it's all together you obviously have to bleed the system out. It couldn't be simpler. Just fill the res. and turn your steering wheel back and forth, not all the way to the stops, check and fill the res. again and continue till you no longer get any noise from the pump.

    Looking back it seems pretty simple, but it is time consuming. There's a lot of test fits, cuts and test fits again...enough to give you fits...he he But if you're considering it, just make sure you have a couple days and a variety of scrap steel on hand and have at it... I hope this helps...good luck! Very Happy

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    Published on: 2009-09-23 (6068 reads)

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